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Vincent Phoenix

As the sun rose behind the sea, the sunlight slowly crept in through the cracks of the shelter’s ’walls’ and shone on Vincent and the two girls. He blinked slowly, laying still for a while as he stared into the ‘roof’ of the shelter, waiting a few moments before slowly sitting up, stretching out with a yawn. For just a moment, he had hoped it had all been a dream… or rather, nightmare. Sadly, this wasn’t the case, and he let out a quiet little huff as he glanced to the girls. They were still asleep, and he would let them. He needed to go stretch his legs.

Rising slowly, he pushed open one of the large leaves covering up the girls inside. He didn’t even look at the beautiful sunrise, instead noticing the two figures on the beach. One of the people, he recognized as the guy who had exited the jungle last night and simply chosen to get himself some sleep on the beach. Vincent snorted quietly, and then glanced to the other figure. He hadn’t seen this guy before, and he really would have wished that Bliss would have done as he said and checked on the people on the beach.

He mumbled something to himself about having to do it on his own, as he made his way towards the two, as they weren’t all that far away. He decided to call out. “Hey, are you two alright? Do you need any kind of medical attention?” The new guy was already on his way towards the guy who had exited the jungle with Kelsey, so he made his way to the guy he had seen before, in order for them to meet up in one place, instead of standing apart and shouting.
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