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    Originally Posted by allaurarenee View Post
    :3 Do you do cloning services by any chance?
    nope, sorry "
    Originally Posted by Orrun View Post
    -UT Timid Pikachu lv.100 (5/11/2012) OT Fes ID 05112 [Singapore]
    -UT Timid レックウザ (Rayquaza) lv.100 (2/10/2012) OT せんきょ ID 02102 w/life orb
    -UT Modest Canadian Celebi lv.50 OT GAMESTP ID 02271

    Is there anything in my thread that you'd like for these 3 events?
    I didn't see anything I wanted, sorry
    Originally Posted by TheRuppster View Post
    Hi I'd like to trade for one of your movie Keldeos. I have some event pokemon that have been trained some. They are an american movie Victini level 87 , a Mewtwo, and a Used event shiny Raikou
    I'm not interested, sorry
    Originally Posted by xxashxx View Post
    Hey wazup? Do you have that Genesect yet? If you do what do you want for it and what FC are you using to trade it from. BTW I can't trade until after church XD. See you tomorrow night I hope XD.
    Yeah, what do you have to offer me for it and use my black fc saizo
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