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    Introduction of the greatest invention in history of pokemon – pokeball - brought the world to a completely new era. making friends with pokemon became easier than anytime ever before, people could tame untamable until that day species without doing any harm to them, and pokemon battling became so popular, that League was brought to life. Now, when Kanto region became centre of pokemon battling and pokemon-related industry, trainers and scientists from all over the Pokemon Nation gathers to compete during the first Pokemon League Competition ever, and exchange their experiences and observations.
    Every coin, however, has two sides: smuggling foreign kinds of pokemon suddenly became easier than ever before, and not everyone seems to approve the idea of keeping living beings in steel spheres – many groups of enemies of new invention are formed.
    To make matters worse, unexpected fire on Brass Tower, one of Ecruteak City’s Twin Towers, seems to be an omen harbinging the end of friendship between humans and pokemon…

    The game will take place one hundred and fifty years before events of I/III Generation in both Johto and Kanto regions, during the first Pokemon League Competition ever. This time, player, apart taking the usual role of trainer, will also have to be more of scientist – exploring, research and breeding pokemon will have greater role.
    The game is an attempt to show how the Pokemon World could look like during its Industrial Revolution, when tons of new inventions and innovations were multiplying with tremendous speed, and relation between humans and pokemon met rapid turn.
    The architecture and fashion will be analogous to those of nineteenth century’s Japan and Europe in less and more developed areas, respectively, and the technology will be kept in steampunk fashion.

    Planned Features:

    More developed scientific aspects of gameplay - including breeding, growth and classification of pokemon.
    - More complex plot, based on intrigues and mysteries, rather than villainous team trying to take control over ancient legendary pokemon; many sidequests and mysterious areas to explore.
    - Explanation and history of origins of many pokemon species, items, organizations, terms, characters, places, etc. Many easter eggs and references to originals games.
    - Dozens of fakemon: new starters; alternative & branch evolutions, determined by different environment conditions and obtainable by non-existing today methods; equivalents of legendary pokemon, some of them requiring many effort to find.
    - Tournament instead of Elite Four battle. Similar to anime’s Conferences, at the Pokemon League place there will be a tournament between strongest trainers who were able to collect eight gym badges, determining the first Elite Four members ever.
    - Changed mechanics of catching pokemon, determined by much bigger size of first pokeballs.
    - More than eight gyms, making some of them optional.

    Some early-game main characters:

    - Professor Silph – Brilliant engineer, inventor of pokeball, which he came up with during one of his journeys to Johto, when he met PC, who was making some improvements to bug-catching apricorn traps. Supported and financed by Pokemon League - little at that time organization uniting enthusiasts of pokemon battles - he managed to construct his invention and now is owner of the most prosperous manufacture in the history, known as Silph Corporation.

    - Player Character – Young boy/girl from Azalea Village, whose greatest dream is to complete his/her Pokempendium – self-made lexicon of knowledge about all species of pokemon. Since his/her toddler days, his/her hobby was making newer and newer improvements to traditional Azalean bug-catching traps made of apricorn (which provided him/her fame among other Azalean kids of owning heracross, though not for long time). Now, after years, he/she is once again visited by Professor Silph, now a famous engineer, who wishes to express his gratitude towards PC giving him/her brand-new pokeball. Later, PC, accompanying professor to Goldenrod’s train station, gets to know about Pokemon League Competition, in which he/she sees a perfect chance to improve his/her knowledge about pokemon.

    - Rival - Member of Dragon Clan of Blackthorn Village, who takes part on Pokemon League Competition to remind the world about the greatness of his clan, now forgotten, due to alleged extinction of dragon-pokemon. He first battles PC during the sign-up to competition, and consider him/her as his rival since then. His partner is female shiny charmander.

    - James - Young and ambitious low-ranked clerk of Pokemon League. Always polite and gallant, he can always serve with good advice to inexperienced newbie-trainers. Not much of a battler.

    - Starter – Rare bug-pokemon from Ilex forest, representative of the species on the brink of extinction; long-time friend of PC. It allows PC to caught it to pokeball given to him/her by Silph, and accompany him/her during the journey since then.

    Current Team:
    - Me,
    - NikNaks,
    - Charity

    The project will start at its fullest as soon as I solve my problems with RPGXP. Game is now at the stage of story development and spriting.

    If you are interested in this project - please, let me know.

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