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Originally Posted by Morkula View Post
Ryan is young and charismatic - both things Romney lacks
Originally Posted by Morkula View Post
The only people that Romney will capture with this VP pick are the hyper-conservatives.
And that's why they probably picked him, I'm guessing. I think they're hoping that Ryan will come off as some kind of "conservative Kennedy" an appeal to younger voters. While, at the same time, appealing to the hard conservatives who are wary of Romney and see him to be Obama in sheep's clothing.

So, with that in mind, I think it was a smart choice for the GOP. Not something that would sway me to vote for Romney over Obama if I were an American citizen. My choice for the GOP's presidential candidate was Jon Hunstman, and unless they move the party closer to that direction I'm just thoroughly uninterested - an I consider myself a conservative, at least by Canadian standards.

The Democrats are just Republicans circa 1980s, so they're on their right of centre and I wouldn't have a problem voting for them. I want Obama to win.
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