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So after five tries editing my
first post, I gave up. Now if my cat can get off part of the

Anywho, time to critique!

The storyline is...dull, okay you moved from the main region in Quartz, defeat bad guys, then finish the game. If your trying to make it like an official pokemon game then nice story. If your trying to make the story original, brainstorm ideas, trust me, it helps.

Um..about the new region with exact copies of Kanto and Johto towns..what? Did the two regions colapse with each other then the people renamed it? If you make a new region you make new towns that's how it works. If you want us to visit towns in Kanto and Johto you can make an event that lets us go to that particular part of their regions.

As for screens, get a great mapper. To be honest, the screens just look like a bunch of tile errors, the ones with water especially.

I tried the game and I crashed as soon as I chose a starter.

Good luck, and just put more effort and heart into your games to make them better.
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