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Originally Posted by Banjora Marxvile View Post
For number 1, you need to deassociate the .s file from any program, it needs to be a program that has no default Program to open it otherwise Sappy can't open the MPlayDef.s file. To do that, you need a certain program, I dunno if I can link to it, but search for Creative Element Power Tools. It's a series of programs, and one of them can change file associations so you can remove the association you made for .s files and NotePad.
Thanks dude, I'm downloaded Creative Element Power Tools and used it now I can assembly song. But now I has a new problem here, I assembly music to my Fire Red Rom and I test to play the music, the music sound is diffrent with my midi files sound, it's be "urgly" sound. How to make it sound same as my midi sound?