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Recruiting a Team Member
Team name: Team Knights
Team Leader: Nuzamaki90
Current Members: Just me at the moment
Current Game title: Pokemon True Gale
Current progress made: Close to releasing the first beta, finished the first few maps and scripts so the game goes all the way from the starting town to the first Gym.
Position(s) needed: Region Editor (help with maps), Composers (Music), Scripters (I'm good but seriously not that good), Programmer (help with game mechanics like battle system, moves, ect.)
Timezone: GMT+/-7:00 (I work on this day and night so time doesn't matter)
Preferred Method of contact: on youtube (RasenBurst90), facebook, here lol, chatzy
Additional info: Really want to complete this game and want people to enjoy it. Also, if you have a project you're working on, I can help with that as well.


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