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    Originally Posted by ShinyDragonHunter View Post
    I would just add the custom 8-bit tracks, like you did with the original patch. In the second patch, could you do it so that the tracks revert to the standard tracks like in HGSS?
    Will you be adding the GB Player as a key item in the second patch?
    Well, this *IS* the original, as in only, patch. And I don't know why I even thought of throwing in other things into a "music-only" patch. If I make a separate one, I'll do just that, so ignore question 2 everyone.

    When you say "revert," do you mean change back to the GBA tracks EVER, or revert to them after saving the game and turning it off/on? You know you can always turn off the GB Player if it is on.

    The next patch will (hopefully) be out within a few days, and it will indeed add the GB Player as a key item. It's fully functional, I'm just trying to figure out what's going on with a particularly annoying bug that's related to it.
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