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    Originally Posted by krazzikk View Post
    Hi, Hi! Feraligatr fan, huh? I can't say anything as for the performance of him in battle because I have never played the 2nd generation games, but I don't like his appearance unfortunately. :< He is the only starter I don't like the looks of. But if it was your first Pokemon, I can see why you have an attachment to him <3. Are there any other reasons you like the Feraligatr Evolution line?

    Eh eh, its appearance is kinda special, that's true It looks scaring. I mean, this is precisely the kind of Pokémon that, if existed irl could be really dangerous for humans and else. When I was younger this is what I loved with it, I felt protected with such a beast. In its evolution line, I don't particularly like Croconaw tbh, but I'm fond of Totodile. It's so cute, even with all its sharped little teeth.

    What are some of your favorite water type moves and why?

    I love Waterfall, it's a very useful move. As I mainly use water Pokémons that are better at Attack than at Special Attack, this move is more interesting than Surf for example. It's not the most powerful water move, but at least it's accurate hence practical. Then I'd say Water Gun.Ok, when I can get rid of this move for a more powerful move I don't hesitate, but that's such a relief when your water starter finally learn a water move in the beginning of the game so... I like this move.