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    Originally Posted by EdensElite View Post
    Hi, This is amazing work I'm currently working on a retro hack and this is perfect. I would love to see it seperate as a carriable item. I looked at the script. I think the command that triggers the switch is the writebyteoffset? I tried adding the writebyteoffset command to a level script as I want the music straight away, but it didn't work, any help? If you made an ips that swapped the banks so you had the 8-bit first you would be a real legend :D
    Yes, the "writebytettooffset" command is what controls which soundbank is in use. If you want to use it elsewhere in the game, make sure you set or clear flag 0x8F0 before you do it. And the item will be coming very soon, I promise!

    What exactly do you mean by "straight away?" As in, ASAP in-game, or right when you boot the game for the first time? If I was to do the latter, that would demote the GBA music to secondary status, which is not my intention here. I figured that the best way for everyone to enjoy the 8-bit music was to make it an option alongside the standard music, something that people can switch on and off conveniently. I could always do the latter by simply switching which soundbank is the "primary" one, but it isn't exactly what I want from the hack. An optional IPS patch that does that isn't unreasonable, but I'm not making any promises on that.

    Do remember that the soundbank in use stays active even after saving and turning off the game, so you could keep the GB Player on for the entire game if you wanted!

    And I don't deserve the title "legend" regardless of what anyone might think of this hack. If it wasn't for Jambo51's crucial ASM code I wouldn't have gotten the hack in the state it is in now. Unless you're talking about the music itself, of course, but even then that term is quite extreme .
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