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    Don't care about stories in fighting games, but this one game is actually catching my eyes. I've been looking for a 2D fighter for a while as since SFxT's disappointment I've stopped playing Street Figheter (as much as I like 4 and 3) and only have been playing Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. I've had my eyes on King Of Fighters 13 for a while but I'm not willing to spend time it considering I'm already focusing on Tekken and Blazblu doesn't interest me. This though, seems like an easy to grasp, fun game like UMvC3 so it's perfect, at least to satisfy my wait for another Darkstalkers if I don't end up liking it as much.

    So for anyone who has played it: I haven't done much research on the game as it only caught my eyes pretty recently. Is there any character in this game who's playstyle consist of space control with great zoning capabilities and is at least good in getting in your face? Kind of like Bison in Street Fighter and Dormammu in Marvel vs Capcom 3 (my mains in their respective games, actually), since that's my preferred playstyle in 2d fighters. I also like the heavy, strong characters who require patience to use effectively because of their lack of speed, like Haggar and Anakaris.
    I actually use any type of character save for the jack of all trades, gimmicky and the super speedy types, but I'm just wondering since I can't say I care about the characters in this game.
    Originally Posted by ZetaZaku View Post
    Finally a fighter that got the boss right. I was tired of all those new games having OP bosses on Normal, and I don't wanna play on Easy. I always hated that, as I'm not an experienced player, and the difficulty jump from a normal opponent to boss is too high.
    Huh? This generation of fighters has incredibly disappointing bosses compared to the older games. The only one I'm thinking of that could potentially be hard is Azazel in Tekken 6 but really if you got a strategy against him and know your basic (which does take a while in Tekken) he's easy.

    EDIT: Oh, what is the preferred console for this game? I'm debating on which system I should get it on but I'm kind of pushing for 360 because I only have an arcade stick for it and don't like gamepads for my fighting games. (Might get a fightpad for PS3 though.)

    EDIT2: Scratch my question, I did my research on characters and ended up finding the one I'm looking for pretty fast. Though one character isn't enough to get me sold on a game I'm still skeptical about so I'm checking all other characters.

    EDIT3: A boxing character. Screw it I'm buying. Now to wait for September 7.
    Though I'm kind of getting bored of all these in-fighter boxers in fighting games.

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