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Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post

What are some of your favorite water type moves and why?

I love Waterfall, it's a very useful move. As I mainly use water Pokémons that are better at Attack than at Special Attack, this move is more interesting than Surf for example. It's not the most powerful water move, but at least it's accurate hence practical. Then I'd say Water Gun.Ok, when I can get rid of this move for a more powerful move I don't hesitate, but that's such a relief when your water starter finally learn a water move in the beginning of the game so... I like this move.
Is Waterfall a physical move? I guess that does actually make sense, since it's the Pokémon using its power to go against waterfalls, though the name just is kinda off-throwing, though I can't really say I agree. With the Water type HM's like Waterfall and Dive, I feel like they're just like Cut, Rock Smash, and all of those weak HM's that are just put in for progression, which you usually just teach to an HM slave. So while Dive can also be an effective way of using an AoE move without damaging your other Pokémon, it isn't really strong in itself, and most of the moves like that (Surf, Earthquake) are weak against Water type Pokémon, so it doesn't help all that much.

Water Gun can kinda be looked at from more than one perspective. You can see it as a great move, because it's such a relief when you finally get Water Gun and don't have to spam Tackle or Scratch or whatever else there is, but it's only really a help in the beginning, before and a bit after the second gym, where after that it isn't really that strong. Also, the same can be applied to Ember and whatever move the Grass type Pokémon learn, since it's not the same for every generation, but that doesn't really change anything. Though in the end, it's your opinion, but just throwing in my comment, 'cause I love it whenever my starter learns Water Gun too ;)
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