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Very faintly, the sound of a voice penetrated Victoria’s dream state. How dreadful, to awake from one nightmare, only to be in another. The dream’s details quickly eluded her as consciousness began to reign supreme. The vague details of a shadowy figure chasing her through the woods, shoving her to the ground, and flashing it’s razor sharp teeth. On second thought, the real nightmare was in fact the better alternative.

What she couldn’t figure out, was where this hoodie had come from. The striped pattern looked familiar. Victoria turned her head and saw Kelsey lying in the shade of the shelter. Sitting herself up with a mild groan of discomfort, Kelsey’s Cyndaquil still resting in her hands. Victoria took the little fire mouse, wrapped him in the hoodie and placed him next to Kelsey. Hopefully she would see him first thing when she woke up.

Victoria couldn’t imagine how distraught she would be if any of her Pokemon were missing. Kelsey would be very upset not to know where her Cyndaquil was for sure. Deciding it best to leave her sleeping, especially after the traumatic instance of whatever happened to her the previous day, Victoria grabbed her goggles and stumbled out onto the beach.

The boys looked to be having some sort of impromptu conference. Deciding it best to let them be for the time being, Victoria ran down to the beach while they were distracted and tried to take a quick bath. Sand was everywhere, including many places sand should never be. Quickly removing her pants and top, she neatly folded them and placed them on a rock, goggles and belt resting neatly upon the bunch.

Standing there in her blue undergarments, it was a little embarrassing. She kept consoling herself that it was no less than what people would see her in at the beach on a normal day. The need for cleanliness ultimately won. She dove into the oncoming waves, the effect was like heaven. Sand rinsed off of her by the bucket load, salt cleansing many of the scrapes and abrasions she had suffered the day prior.

She looked back out towards the beach, then out to sea. Where were they? How far off course was this island? She still had to find what Archie had discovered the night before. Maybe some kind of fresh water, at least they knew where they could find berries to eat.

Victoria flung herself back into a wave, letting the sensation wash over her. Whatever it was, it could wait. Floating there in the water, one thought continued to overcome her. As if by insistence of her own sanity and self assurance. “We are going to be ok.”
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