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    I just don't see why in the world they would release any new main game on the DS. Some people have said its possible because they may have already started working on it before realizing they need to switch to the 3DS, but they have had the development kit for it since Jan/Feb 2010 and I think they said HG/SS began development in 2006, and we know it was released in 2009 so that's about a 3 year development for it.

    If that is anything to follow by, they have had the 3DS development kit since Jan/Feb 2010 so by the time the next main game is released next year in 2013, they would have had it for over 3 years and that's enough time for them to have developed the remake or new game so theres no doubt in my mind the next main game is on 3DS, whether its a remake or new gen.