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    Welcome To Pokemon Apex


    Hello Pokemon Fans! This, as you can tell, is Pokemon Apex! This fan made game built in RPG Maker XP has been in development for close to 2 years. The Main Developer(Dillon) started this as a side project, and later recruited me to help. Since I jumped on the Dev Team, we have made better progress. I hope for you guys to stick around till the end! ~Harvey


    Journey to the all new region Apicem! Located near Hoenn, You will see all the Classic Generations of Pokemon with Revamped Graphics. Now, you start out as an adventurous 16 year old on your birthday. You Notice a present on your table, which includes a brand new Pokedex! after talking to your mother, who give you Running Shoes and your PokéAura, you go to Visit Professor Linden who is going to give you a Pokemon. But the machine is broke! How will you get your Pokemon?


    Latest | 0.72a | 31/03/14: Got someone working on a soundtrack

    Previous | 0.72a | 11/02/14: I'll have the latest version up for download as soon as possible guys :D Stay Tuned.

    And here it is! Still very broken but its progress! Download

    0.68a | 09/02/14: REBOOT - I'm back to working on Apex. How much I don't know. But hopefully enough to actually release something to you guys.

    In other news, I have a functioning install wizard that should be automatic and also allow you to install a new version which will just overwrite the old one.

    But yeah, progress is being made again.

    Older Updates:
    0.56a | 30/07/13: So, as you know, the game's development has been frozen for a while. Fortunately, we are still working on it and want to release the demo due 5 months ago. I apologise for the delay. Harvey was unable to access a computer and let's just say procrastination is my best friend. Features and updates set to be included in the upcoming demo include:
    • Maps completely retextured with custom tiles sprited by Harvey
    • Custom player sprites made by Harvey
    • New widescreen resolution (640x400)
    • Completed maps all the way to Magnas City
    • All important events complete all the way to Magnas
    • Final Pokédex in the game without uneccessary later generations
    I promise we will update the game soon, and when we do, it will be so much better than it was last update.

    0.56a | 14/02/13: BREAKING NEWS! DESTRUCTION OF EARTH IMMINENT! That's what I WOULD say if the end of the world was near. But now that I have your attention, I would like to announce that the release of the first proper update IS FINALLY GONNA HAPPEN!(Wooo, party!)

    It should be released within the next couple of weeks and you should expect lots of changes including the full, playable game up until the first gym or maybe further. After this, we expect to release updates more frequently, providing that we can find a more convenient way to distribute the game.

    Happy Valentine's Day, and stay tuned for more news!

    0.56a | 28/01/13: First Video Upload! I have completely remade the Professor scene at the start of the game. A video of this has been uploaded on my personal YouTube and you can watch it here. The new version of the game will not be uploaded here yet as it is very buggy at the moment but you should check back every so often for news on a new release.

    Also, I would like to ask that you please pass on news of this game as it isn't doing well in terms of publicity. Thanks in advance.

    0.56a | 18/11/12: NEW MAPS! Harvey has been working hard on the game and the result so far is the big collection of new maps seen in the Maps section about half-way down the post" Go check them out!

    0.56a | 11/11/12: Just a quick word to say that Harvey_Create has replaced kirby as my mapper. He has a lot of knowledge of the program and its features so the game should be moving slowly towards an official release soon. Thank you for your patience. The game hasn't been updated yet but you can, as always, download the pre-alpha here.

    0.56a | 10/11/12: An apology: Sooo... I haven't been here in a while, but I'm back and I have good news and bad news. Well the good news is, the project isn't dead. In fact, it's very much alive... Sort of. This leads me to the bad news which comes in three parts. The first thing is that the files are currently on an External Hard Drive, waiting to be transferred over to my unfinished gaming computer. I was hoping to have the comp by now but since a few of the parts were DOA, I have had quite a bit of an unanticipated delay. The second part is that my mapper has disappeared, and by disappeared I mean he hasn't been online in over a month which means the mapper post is once again, available for the taking - not like anyone wanted to do it anyway. Finally, the third piece of bad news is that Call of Duty: Black Ops II comes out on Tuesday and... well you catch my drift. I will try to work on it as much as possible when - or if - I get my computer up and running.

    That's it for this update and I would like to remind you the latest build is still available for testing below. Thank You.

    0.56a | 11/10/12: Big Update! Well, here it is, the highly anticipated next update! Changelist:
    • Fixed some badly tiled areas.
    • Changed the player's room slightly.
    • Finished the main events from the Patria Town.
    • Fixed A LOT of bugs.
    • Fixed some tiles which were passable.
    • Inserted the first battle.
    The game can be downloaded here.

    0.56a | 02/10/12: Sorry I haven't been working on the game. I have a newly found serious addiction to a certain game and its been holding me back from work. I will try to get more work done soon. Version 0.31a can still be downloaded here.
    P.S. - I uploaded this YouTube video on the 21st September and it nearly has 800 views already! Help me reach 1,000!

    0.31a | 18/09/12: Fixed bugs that came with the 0.28a update. Also fixed the error about not being able to find RGSS104E.dll. The game can be downloaded from the same link as before.

    0.28a | 18/09/12: I've updated the game to version 0.28a.

    Quick explanation of version number:
    • The "0" means its in Pre-Alpha.
    • The ".28" is increased with every small change.
    • The "a" stands for alpha.
    • When the game is in beta the letter will change. (Example: 1.32b)

    0.28a Changelist:
    • Fixed the 'Invisible Oak' bug.
    • Fixed getting stuck on the roof when exiting the Lab.
    • Fixed the transfer events, making it possible to travel to Magnas City.
    • Added Pokémon Center in Magnas City.
    • Fixed some incorrect tiles.
    • Fixed other small bugs.
    You can download the game here.

    0.23a | 17/09/12: The installer is ready, but the game is not. During the past two days, I have been working so much on a way to distribute the alpha. Because of this, I haven't made any progress on the game and we're still looking at about another 1 or 2 weeks before the actual alpha release. If you REALLY want to try the current version, PM me and you can become some of the first beta testers. You will be able to get hold of each release before anyone else, but you will need to write a bug report for every release. So PM me and I will explain your tasks and give you a download link.

    15/09/12: I think I have figured a way to make a standalone release (or at least what looks like a standalone). I have created a way to do it via Batch (.bat) I need to take it into further testing for security and fail-proof reasons but I think I'm on to something. I'll update again once I have tested this fully.

    14/09/12: Alpha Release Announcement! Yep. You heard it. I have decided that I will release an alpha demo which will let you play up to the first gym. I have the basic maps ready so all I need to do is tweak the maps and put in the events. NOTICE: I will need someone to tell me how or if I can release the game as a standalone. If you can't do that, can someone tell me the best way to go about releasing it. Thanks in advance.

    10/09/12: More maps! I've updated the screenshots section to include more maps made by my new mapper, kirby9412. So any comments regarding map design should be directed at him. Thank you.

    04/09/12: So, I mentioned the other day that me and gimmepie have been working very hard together on each others games. As a result, it was quite inevitable that the games would somehow end up connected. I can now reveal that both the games will be connected some way or another. The most obvious references will come through character appearances and pieces of the story-line. So look out for Pokémon Opal Version. You can visit the thread by clicking his banner in my signature.

    Also, I need to know the best way to export and distribute the game and/or betas. The sooner someone tells me, the sooner I can release a very, very early alpha to prove the game IS being developed.

    Oldest: Since me and gimmepie have been working closely on my game recently, we decided it would be nice to have certain 'references' to each others games in our own. So you can look out for them when we come to release.

    World Map

    Thank you Niknaks for making our world map!

    Introducing the Heroes!

    Maps, Screenshots, and Videos

    Screenshot Selection

    Patria Town:

    Magnas City Mockup:

    Route 51:

    Pokémon Center:

    Possible new look for Apicem:



    Support Banner

    If you guys could help spread the word a bit that would also be great. Thanks.

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