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    Originally Posted by Diabba View Post
    Thank you for the help Rubix, I appreciate it. However, I'm not sure about putting in Togetic because Noctowl has far better stats.

    Anyway, can you guys help me decide on a team of 6 to use for the Kanto gym leaders?
    The five I have right now are:
    Typhlosion - lv. 47
    Ampharos - lv. 47
    Mamoswine - lv. 47
    Gyarados - lv. 47
    Noctowl - lv. 47

    I'm debating taking out Noctowl and training an Abra (eventually Kadabra/Alakazaam) for my Psychic type, and getting either a Pidgeotto or Dragonite for my Flying type. Any suggestions?

    Umm, Take out Noctowl, use Togekiss for flying type, then for your physic, use Bronzor, which becomes Bronzong. I believe Alakazaam has the best stats, but Bronzong is a very solid physic pokemon, and being a steel pokemon gives it another advantage. Yes it may give it more weaknesses, but its abilities of Levitate or HeatProof is another huge advantage, either stopping Ground moves or lowering the damage from fire moves.

    Originally Posted by manutdrule View Post
    Togekiss (togetic's evo) has much superior stats as compared to Noctowl. (noctowl is just one of those early route birds that gets weak in the lategame) Also, Serene Grace +thunder wave+ flinching move like Air slash = take down any pokemon.
    Yep, Togekiss is the pokemon I used for the E4 and it helped me out literally for the entire E4

    None, Yet :D