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Originally Posted by DarkBlueNinja View Post
I started competing because of my dad. Oddly enough, one day he came up to me and asked if I would like to play pokemon with him. I thought this was odd because he would normally tease me for liking it. We had a battle and i one. He explained to me how so much strategy is involved in the game, and i like strategy. After that i decided to start competing.

Hey that's kinda awesome! My Dad was better at battling than me but only because he raised Pokemon to higher levels, I didn't even consider the idea of competitive back then. XD;

Alsoooooo time for me to answer the question! For me it was because of my boyfriend p much, I kinda did it because I wanted more in common with him and uh... I just continued battling after he left for the two years (um, we're still together BUT I DON'T FEEL THIS REALLY IS RELEVANT lmao) and yeah :3 I found that I enjoyed it for myself too, rather than just for him. And also uhhh I remember at first I was that bad that I EV trained Litwick in Attack because I thought sPA = Super Effective, and Attack = ...everything else. ;x I even EV trained in the first place because I wanted to prove "omg I'M SO SMART" when rly I wasn't. :(


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