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I'm not completely up to speed with conventions in pokemon fanfiction, but from your description I would summarize 'trainer fics' as "Let's go through the plot of a Pokemon game, only starring my Original Character and her custom pokemon team". I'm assuming that most readers don't care for trainer fics.

I think the success of your story in netting readers will depend on the unique personality, motivations and circumstances that your trainer brings to the story. A good question to start with is What are you going to do differently from the standard 'X Region League Challenge' story?

Me, I love trainer fics. Only I call them Nuzlocke comics. They all have the same premise: "My OC challenges the League!", but the best stories are the ones that use the games as a basic plot template, and then spin off into something crazy, different and unique.

So Infiltrat0r, what will make your story unique and 'not just another trainer fic'?

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