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This Is Our Last Goodbye
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    Chapter III
    So... I heard you like Mudkip
    "Yes! Another Pokemon defeated!" Vato exclaimed with joy

    "Hooray..." Frosty replied with a very bitter tone

    Still in Route 102, Vato and Frosty were both grinding for no reason at all. After a while, they finally decided that it was time to move on.

    At the farthest end of the route, someone was waiting for them.

    "Vato!" A girl shouted aloud, waving her hands in the air in an attempt to get Vato's attention.

    Vato and Frosty approached the weird girl, it was May, the professor's daughter. She was looking for more Pokemon in order to catch them and show them to her dad, just like she does each and every day.

    "Hey, Vato, I have an idea!" the girl said with eagerness, "Let's have a battle!"

    "Hell yeah!" Vato replied with the same excitement.

    "I must warn you, I've been looking far and wide in search for Pokemon, and I've been assembling teams that can defeat each and every kind of Pokemon in the whole world! Now, go Mudkip!"

    "Wait, you've got hundreds of Pokemon, and you're only using a Mudkip... Seems legit."

    And approximately ten seconds later...

    "Oh my god, how could I possibly lose? It's impossible!"


    I've been playing sloooooooowly, so yeah, Vato's journey will be a very slow one... For now.

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