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    I’m happy to release an update to this throwback patch today. Head back to the first post for your goodies!

    • The GB Player is now a key item! Grab it on your way out of your house in Pallet Town. It backpack image and base description are from HG/SS. Huge thanks to Jambo51 for the Item-Script-Redirect ASM codes.
    • To coincide with the new item, GB Player props have been removed from all Pokémon Centers in the game.
    • A script error on Four Island that occurred to anyone who chose Squirtle as their starter has been fixed.
    • Also: various code cleanup to remove unused modifications in the game.
    This new patch comes with a warning. Just in case you don’t catch it in the first post, I’ll reiterate it here: DO NOT REGISTER THE GB PLAYER ITEM TO SELECT AND USE IT FROM THERE. Happy times will not be had by those who do so.



    Originally Posted by cyberius View Post
    i want gb sounds in firered for red and blue and yellow.


    Some people may have noticed that the hack has been retitled to “Pokémon FireRed Throwback.” Since starting it up again, I have become more interested in making modifications to the game to make it more reminiscent of the original titles. The 8-bit music will still be the core focus (or, at worst, a core focus), but I’ve been thinking of branching out to changing other elements of the game.

    In saying that, I have two images for you to look at. The one to the left is of the main characters as they appear in FR/LG. To the right is…well, you should get what it is.

    Note that the sprites to the right were quick mock-ups that use the same palettes as their base images. If I went any further with this makeover I’d tidy them up a little bit. Also, keep in mind that this might or might not turn into anything.

    What do you all think?
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