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    And so I present Part 3 (Part one) I guess I could call this the second scene. The rise of the action starting with the fall of....uh-uh-uh. Spoilers

    Part Three Part One
    In which events begin to occur

    Derp rushed to the Pokémon center, protecting his yellow rodent from further harm. He’d recently ran into a bunch of hairy flying rats called Spearow. Come to think of it most Pokémon he’d encountered had been ugly rodent looking creatures. There’d been Kid the Pikachu; the hideous, always-blushing monstrosity that the professor had literally wrangled out from the darkest recesses of his Pokémon reserve that he gave to Derp. Eevee, the brown rat Butt received at the same time as Derp, a purple giant-toothed monster that chewed out through the Pokeball when Derp tried to catch it, and the beaked, deranged flying menace he’d encountered during a thunderstorm.
    Behind the counter was a lady with pink hair and extravagant curls. Beside the Lady Gaga mega-fan was a giant pink egg…carrying an egg, Derp really couldn’t think of another way to describe the creature.
    “Please lady, help my wounded Kid, he got jumped by some hoodlum flying rats.” Derp explained.
    The lady stood staring out into space when a stranger in a black poncho and brown fishing hat hung over his face rushed in. He saw Derp was having trouble getting the nurse’s attention so he told him, with little patience, to ring the bell on the counter.
    “OH! CHANSEY!! CHANSEY!!! Hmmm, please not so loud Chansey, you’ll spook the injured Pokemon.” She was obviously wrecked in the attic but the Pokemon hospital was obviously understaffed, as a matter of fact the only faculty members seemed to be right in front of Derp. “So what happens to be the problem?”
    Derp mustered upon as much patience as he could (using all his concentration not to facepalm himself) and he explained his situation to the nurse again.
    “Well ok you want us to heal your Pokemon right? Ok, no problem. Set the thing up here on the counter please. Here at the Pokemon Clinic, we take good care of Pokemon, we pride ourselves in our ethical treatments, respect, and patience that we always provide when caring for an injured Pokemon”
    The Nurse picked up Kid by his hind legs where he’d received several injuries and Kid squealed in pain.
    “Aw, he likes me already.” The Nurse said, delighted.
    She laid him down on what appeared to be a stove with neon lights and she pressed a button. The stove lit up and a soothing noise chimed through the air. The walls danced with shadows and Kid leaped up and did a Superman pose to show he was fit and ready for their next adventure.
    “Hey! Excuse me, you had your turn now move aside.” The stranger shoved Derp aside, smacked Kid out of the way and rang the bell. “I need help, I found this Pokemon outside in the rain. He’s injured and in desperate need of attention!” The stranger set the lump down on the counter. It was cringing and covered in leaves.
    The wind suddenly blew in, picking up various untouched paperwork and letting in a chilling moan. Thunder bellowed outside and two trainers ran in as lighting blinded the world. They walked in getting the floor wet. “Oh! That storm is just getting worse and worse. Heads up, some dude is coming in right behind us. He'll be here momentarily.”
    The trainers were a male and a female. They both had green hair and the only distinction between the two was that the girly wore a scornful glaze and her hair rode down her shoulders. She carried an aggressive yet protective aura about her. The boy looked frightened turning every few seconds, first looking over at Derp who was sneezing, followed by Kid eyeing the walls colorful from the healing machine working, and over at the stranger in the brown fishing hat and the black poncho. Then he turned around to see something scurrying by his feet.
    Someone walked in and there was a high-pitched scream. Derp looked at the girly with green hair. She stared back with an enraged countenance that seemed to scream, “Why would you assume it was me?” She looked at her companion, the boy who looked alike who still had his mouth and eyes open in fright. He was hugging the girly and his eyes were full of tears he was obviously trying to suppress.
    “Sorry, thought I saw something”
    “You did see something it was me.” A voice replied
    He screamed again in an even more shrilly squeal.
    “Calm down bro,” the girly scolded him, through her teeth Derp noted. “He’s the guy we saw heading for shelter remember?”
    The man who had spoken walked in. He was wearing a black cap and a dark grey coat to that hid most of his body. It was perfect for the enraging storm outside.
    “Chansey, Chansey! OH DEAR! CHANSEY! We must set up a campfire Chansey, these poor travellers need to stay the night, or at least until the storm passes. Excuse me; I do believe everyone is here. I will now lock the door. One should always be prepared in case of a flood.” She smiled and locked the door, which was obviously not airtight and therefore would be useless in a flood. Chansey hurried over to the travellers and bowed slightly.
    “Chance. Chance-chance Chansey!” and she walked inside a room.
    “But uhh….There’s a Pokemon outside.” The stranger with the black poncho and brown fishing hat pointed out. Kid was stuck outside. Looking inside with droopy eyes and quivering frown. “Pikaaa…” he pleaded.
    “KID! Ah! I’m the worst trainer ever! Please Nurse! You have to open the door.” Derp pleaded to the Nurse. To which she replied, “I’m sorry but the door is locked and I have already placed the sign that says ‘Closed. Be back in one hour’ and according to my watch it is not been an hour yet.”
    Derp looked at her incredulously starting, “But-” but he was cut off.
    Chansey’s head popped out of the room when she noted no one was following her. “Chance!”
    The group mumbled “Right, right.” And “We’re going.” And Derp trudged behind everyone, springing tears like a fountain.
    Inside they found a fireplace already alight.
    “Oh Chansey, you ARE ever so smart Chansey. I would never have thought to use the fireplace. But then I wonder what all these bound up papers are for if not to burn in a campfire in the middle of the floor.” She tossed some books over her shoulder the top three books entitled, “Operations Manual” showing the healing machine all Pokemon Centers had and were known for (Obviously unread by the Nurse), “Romans Conquer All” (The Nurse had bought it thinking it was a Romance book and that the fella on the cover – Being Julius Caesar- was the hunk who would be the main character but after reading about several battle formations and seeing no Romance she discarded the book and forgot all about it), and the final book’s title was “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway. Unread because it was Ernest Hemingway.
    “Well then make yourselves comfortable we’re going to be here until the storm passes,” the Nurse announced. “There’s nothing to worry about it’s just a little water. And noise. Terribly loud noise. And the lightning! Oh God the lightning! CHANSEY! CHANSEY! OH DEAR CHANSEY! Hug me Chansey! It’s so dreadful! WE”RE ALL GOING TO DIE CHANSEY!”
    She looked around for Chansey, who was nowhere to be found, quite peculiar as the room was large yet plain. There was little to no furniture.No place to hide or be hidden. Chansey was gone. The Nurse broke down in tears.

    Finished the FR/LG monotype a loooooong time ago. Not that anyone cares though.
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