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    "Move Out The Way", a random girl shouted to Dominic. She was riding a bike, probably one of the new Mach 9's and it was coming at him. Quickly, Dominic grabbed Pikachu from off his shoulders and dove right into a nearby ditch. He soon slid down and landed on his feet, unbelievably.

    "Are you alright, Pikachu", Dominic asked.

    "Pika Pika", the Pokémon responded.

    "Hey you didn't shock me", Dominic said surprisingly. On the way to Route 1, Dominic had picked up a book on teaching Electric type Pokémon, and it must've helped. While Pikachu was on his shoulders, Dominic was reading to him and Pikachu seemed especially interested in the pictures and one particular move: Volt Tackle. Only his kind could learn they move and it was a powerful move. Dominic made it one of his goals to teach his Pokémon that moved.

    "Hey Pikachu, wanna practice Volt Tackle?"

    "Pi Pikachu".
    Dominic walked a little further and came to a somewhat small space. "Alright Pikachu I want you to try and use Volt Tackle, harness all of your energy and you should be fine".

    Pikachu nodded and hopped off Dominic's shoulder. Sparks soon began to fly across Pikachu's red sacs of electricity. Pikachu started running and electricity covered his body. He soon began to run at increased speed yet just as he hit his point, he listed it and tripped. Dominic ran over to Pikachu. "You almost had it there body", Dominic said,"Maybe next time you will be able to get it".

    "Pikachu". Pikachu seemed very tired, Dominic saw that and pulled out a Super Potion he got from the lab and sprayed it over Pikachu.

    "This should help let's keep on walking", Dominic stated. With that he looked at his Libra Ticket and saw it would be docking in Pallet Town, he should head back. As he started heading back he spotted a Nidoran. He and Pikachu both looked at each other in unison. "Let's capture it".

    "Pika Pika", Pikachu said as he jumped off Dominic's shoulder.

    "Pikachu use Thundershook", Dominic shouted.

    "Piiiiiiikkkkkkaaaaachuuuuuuu", the yellow Pokémon shouted. A volt of electricity came out of his body and flew straight into the Nidoran, a direct hit. Nidoran shook it off as if it was nothing.

    "Well this Nidoran looks like it has some defense, Pikachu use Quick Attack now", Dominic shouted again.

    Pikachu ran at alarming speed straight to the Pokemon at e last second, Nidoran dodged it and then it used Poison Sting. "Pikachu dodge it". Unfortunately, Pikachu was not fast enough and some of the stings hit Pikachu in the stomach. The Nidoran did not let up yet as soon as Pikachu hit the ground it came right for a Double Kick. Pikachu squealed in pain as the kicks made its target. The Nidoran was about to go for another Poison Sting, Dominic had to react quickly.

    "Pikachu use Thundershook", Dominic said. Pikachu hopped off his feet and charged up his attack and it went straight through the sharp poison sting and hit Nidoran. Nidoran fell to the ground it was time. Dominic threw the Pokéball and it hit his target. Dominic looked intently at the Pokéball waiting for it to stop moving.