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    Originally Posted by Infiltrat0rN7 View Post
    Would that still apply it the character starts off with that belief but, his hopes are crushed by the reality of him not being some pokemon prodigy? (If by trainer fic you were referring to a bad trainer fic.)
    The problem here is that it would start off in a way that people who start to read it will think "Oh dear, it's another of these generic ones" even though you have a twist. And the only way to convince them otherwise is to spoil the plot which then sort of defeats the point in them reading any further unless they have a curiosity of how exactly it goes wrong. The only way, that I know of, really around this is to start with the end to make people curious. It's a difficult situation that I've been in myself and I never managed to get out of it.

    I've been told and as people have then told you, the key to doing a trainer fic right as it were is to make it different. I think one thing that hasn't been mentioned is that it should be obvious that it's different pretty early on so we don't get the "here we go again" thoughts I mentioned earlier. You said that your trainer is a minor character of the game plot, well, maybe you could use that to your advantage to deceive your readers into thinking that it's not a trainer fic, or at least that your trainer isn't the main character that we're familiar with. This might not be possible though because I obviously don't know which minor character you're using.

    Hope that helps.
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