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    Originally Posted by Infiltrat0rN7 View Post
    Would that still apply it the character starts off with that belief but, his hopes are crushed by the reality of him not being some pokemon prodigy? (If by trainer fic you were referring to a bad trainer fic.)
    That's actually an interesting take, although in my head canon, training Pokemon is all about how well you actually train rather than skill or talent. Practice makes perfect, but it is your world you're building (and the games constantly mention prodigy) so you can do whatever you like. Anyway, back onto what you're asking, that's a nice spin on it and sounds highly dramatic, which is good. That's a nice focus to have, because overall, the story won't be 'I'm gonna beat the gyms' with a typical mindset, but rather, "Why should I bother?" Of course, that's an example of what a trainer could be thinking realizing that they won't be successful. The general idea is good, though.

    Originally Posted by Infiltrat0rN7 View Post
    As for the rest, as long as my trainer and pokemon have decent characters and uniqueness the story will be enjoyable?
    For future references, this goes for virtually every single story out there, so it also applies to trainer fics. Characters have to be engaging in some way, whether they relate to the reader or are likable, or on the more negative route, by being hated. Generally, you want to go with the former, but if you go by the latter, it's good to make sure that the character is unlikeable because of their qualities and personality rather than them being dense or something.

    And actually, I don't think uniqueness should be a big deal in writing a story, because a story should revolve around your thoughts and imagination, and those are already special anyway. My point is that when you plan a story, don't focus on it being unique, because that's you trying to please other people. Besides who's to say what is unique anyway? It's safe to say that no matter how unique your story is, if it's not written well, it won't be as entertaining or good of a story. To me, the priority should be how well you can construct your prose.
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