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    Adeline Densetsu
    Divine Water

    As it turned out, Fulgora hadn't been squawking just to get all eyes on her. The young, sickly girl from before was now speeding around crazily. And she was headed right for Addie.

    The young princess had just put down the piece of chicken she was eating before turning to look at the little demon rushing toward her. She had literally no time to react before the girl slammed into Adeline and nearly knocked her off the bench. Fulgora jumped forward and lowered her head down to break Addie's fall.

    Adeline glared at the little girl who didn't seem to give a rat tooth about what she just did. Aren't you supposed to be dead?! The rug rat was laughing and laughing and laughing as if she had just murdered a really annoying person and was rejoicing at her victory. Addie grabbed the table and pulled herself forward, staring down the girl who then proceeded to run off again. "Isn't that the orphan!" "What is she doing!" "What if she gets lost?!" various voices shouted as they watched the brat perform her stupid antics.

    That's it. Adeline knew what needed to be done about this. Not only was this crib lizard going to drive Addie insane, but she would also command total attention from everyone because they all would think she was "precious" and "sweet" and all those other disgusting things people tended to call nipple nibblers. Addie would take this child in, and then the child would die in an accident. That would save everyone the trouble of dealing with her.

    What am I doing just sitting here? Adeline thought before standing up and climbing onto the Zapdos' back. "I'm sorry our little meeting had to be cut short," Addie said to the teen with the Vulpix, though she was really not very sorry at all. She wanted this little girl by the neck. The Zapdos took flight relatively low to the ground still and scanned the crowd for the little girl. She wasn't anywhere to be seen so the Zapdos flew higher up to get a view of the plateau. Addie spotted the young brat and directed Fulgora to land.

    "Ooh can I live with you and your big fluffy link and play a lot??"

    "How about you come with me instead," Adeline said nastily, landing Fulgora right next to the munchkin. "Divine Water has candy and… sharp toys," Addie said to her future stooge. "How about it?" Her voice was sounding a lot more sinister than she intended, but she hoped the little pint-sized brat wouldn't pick up on it. I would love to have you in my saucepan.
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