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    Sorry for this taking so long... And the story isn't even caught up to where I am in the game! (I actually have my second badge... I'll get to it eventually!)


    Part 1 of BlueSB's Hoenn Adventure!

    If I were to ever write a story about my life, then I would most likely start the story just right before I arrived to that small little town called Littleroot. To be more specific, the story would start with me in a moving truck that took me from all the way from my old Hometown, Goldenrod, to the dinky place where nothing happens... At least, that's what I originally thought. You see, I'm kinda a different person than I was from that kid that just moved into Littleroot who knows how many years ago. Time is just a funny thing, I guess.

    At any rate, the start of my life changing journey actually started out fairly normal. I mean, I just did little things like check out my new room, set up the clock, and memorized the map of the new region that I would be living in. Luckily, my Gamecube was still in prime condition even with that long distance that it traveled. I mean, what else would I do if I didn't have anything else to do in a small town? Well, I guess in hindsight, I really didn't need to worry about that Gamecube seeing as I didn't quite need it to keep me busy.

    Meeting Professor Birch changed my life. It really did, now that I think about it. The one domino that started the chain of events two years ago. I mean, who would have thought that meeting my new neighbors would do that much. Admittedly, I didn't think much of the Professor back then. I mean, would you think highly of someone if your mom sent you on a quest to say hi to a Pokemon Professor, only to find that he wasn't in his house or lab, and then after that seeing that he'd been attacked by a puny Zigzagoon that was out for his blood? Yeah... I didn't think so. Of course, I got a lot out of saving him in the long run, with his own Pokemon, no less.
    When he told me to beat up that Zigzagoon for him with one of his Pokemon, I had the choice between a Castform, Manectric, and a Medicham. To be honest with you, choosing out of those three was no contest for me. I had always been a fan of dog-like Pokemon ever since I'd seen my first Houndoor when I was a little kid. They were just always so... cool looking. I picked the Manectric and sent him out. He actually didn't seem that surprised when he immediately saw his owner being attacked, and a few quick tackles startled the Zigzagoon to run away from us and not come back. His name, as the Manectric told me later when there was plenty of time, was Sieg. If I had to describe Sieg in a few words, I would only be able to say that he was quite the Quirky fellow. I mean, he would tackle me for fun at the most unexpected moments, he would howl for no real reason, and sometimes, he would even want to play fetch, but not with just a branch or something reasonable. No, he would want me to throw one of the empty Pokeballs in my bags and have him fetch them. I'm sure that I failed to catch some of the Pokemon that I ran into because he always would chew on all of the Pokeballs, and I'm sure that that has to do something that would stop making them work properly. Ah well, in the end, I think all of those missed Pokemon were worth it. He became my best friend.

    Oh yes, it should also be worth mentioning that the Professor offered to give me Sieg as long as I would help him out with his research along by collecting data, and I happily agreed. Of course, he told me a fundamental difference that there was in the Hoenn Laws that weren't anywhere in the Johto or Kanto laws. Apparently, trainers had become so abundant, and Pokemon became so violent that only one catch was allowed per Route. When he made sure that I understood this fact, he registered me as a trainer, and I went along my merry way. What struck me about the region as I traveled along was the vast diversity of Pokemon. Although, I didn't explore for long. I recalled that his daughter May was out in Route 103 and wanted to see me. I dashed out there, and Sieg, who had only trained against one puny Zigzagoon, was pit against her Mudkip once I reached her. Sieg handled it quite nicely, despite not knowing any offensive electric moves. He just paralyzed the Mudkip and proceeded to tackle it to death... Sorry, I apologize for such a horrible expression. The Mudkip just fainted from the blows. It didn't actually die... I don't want to be labeled a Pokemon Killer, here. At any rate, she told me to go back to her father's lab to see the Professor again. Once I got there, he gave me some Pokeballs and a Pokedex. (Sieg instantly grabbed one and chewed on it... Ah well.) Before traveling out to attempt to catch my first Pokemon on Route 103, I ended up spending all of my money on more Pokeballs and Potions. I mean, if I really had only one chance, then I would want to attempt to catch the Pokemon as much as I could, right? I was excited when I ran into my first Pokemon, a Beedrill. I can still recall clearly what that Pokemon had said to me as we were in a stand-off position about to battle each other. "Prove your power to me, young trainer, and I will lend you my power."

    The battle was very interesting. I started off the battle by paralyzing the Beedrill and getting it down to low health. I had to chuck 7 pokeballs at it before he actually allowed me to catch him. I also had to heal up Sieg several times, of course. I think, at the end of it, the Beedrill was impressed by my patience and allowed itself to be caught. He informed me right after I managed to catch him that his name was Buzz. I guess that it wasn't apparent at first, but Buzz was still quite young and Naive about the world at the time. I mean, he believed that he would always be alright, even if he only had one move, Fury Attack (Which I have to admit, it is powerful), and he would always be quite childish when it came to some situations. He never was able to see how serious some situations were.
    Training was slightly difficult with the powerful Pokemon in the region, but we managed to get the hang of it after awhile. Once we were ready, we proceeded to move onto our next route. Many trainers wanted to battle on this route with their various bug Pokemon. I also used my favorite bug, Buzz, to battle them. The battles went smoothly until I ran into my first wild Pokemon of Route 102. I kinda blew my only chance of catching a Pokemon on that route by allowing it to use Roar. It ran away from me, and that was that.... Ah well.

    Soon, I had reached the town of Petalburg City where my father's gym was. You see, although we moved from Johto just now, our dad had been slaving away in Hoenn as a gym leader in order to put money on the table. We got to talk every once in awhile, but I hardly ever saw him. That's why my mom decided to move us. She figured that it would be better for the both of us to live closer to my dad. It was really neat to be able to say hello to him. I entered the gym at that point and talked to him. He suggested that I should go out there and get all of the badges and battle him someday. Just as I was about to agree and dash away, this kid named Wally entered the Gym and asked my dad to help him obtain a Pokemon . My dad asked me if I would be willing to help Wally catch a Pokemon, and I agreed. Oddly enough, he was better at catching Pokemon than I was! Some people have all of the luck. (Oh yes, and I have a sinking suspicion that that Zigzagoon that Dad loaned to Wally was the same one that attacked the Professor... Must be an ongoing joke between two old friends.) I then said my goodbyes to my Dad and went out into Route 104.
    On Route 104, I bumped into a female Slowbro. After easily catching her, she told me that her name was Jazz, and that her whole family lived in this small route and that she wanted out. Although Jazz is Naive like Buzz, she is more Naive about love than anything else. Although, that has nothing to do with battling, it is worth noting.

    We then journeyed through Petalburg Woods where I stumbled upon a Vulpix. Her name is Cream, and apparently, she was orphaned at a young age due to her parents being viciously being destroyed by other Pokemon in the woods. Despite this, Cream might be the most Relaxed member of the team.

    Further into the woods, I was dragged into an interesting event. This worker at Devon Goods was apparently getting attacked by a Team Aqua member, one of the gangs of Hoenn. (And here I thought that Team Rocket was pathetic...) Cream, without me saying anything, leaped out of her Pokeball and burnt the Poocheana. The Aqua member ran away quickly after seeing that display, and the worker thanked me repeatedly. After that, I was on my way to Rustboro. On my way there, I experienced my first Double Battle. It was really a new experience for me. I mean, people never had double battles where I came from. We actually did really well, surprisingly enough. Right when we got to Rustboro, we checked out the Gym just to see what exactly it was all about. The gym seemed to specialize in rock type Pokemon. While I was thinking about how to defeat the gym properly, Jazz informed me that she could learn how to use water gun, if I would just allow her to train for awhile in the Woods back where we came from.

    While out training, we happened to run into an interesting sight... Twice. Turns out, the legendary of the skies of Hoenn likes to troll new trainers whenever Mew turns his back. At the most random moments, he would come up and talk to me about how Mew is such a slave driver for forcing him to watch these two orbs of mass destruction for all of time. Poor guy. No wonder he likes to bother random trainers. I would do the same thing, if only to slack off on a stupid job like that. Well, then again, that job is kinda important...

    After a full day of training, Jazz finally learned Water Gun. Now, it was time to take on Roxanne...
    ~To Be Continued~

    It's worth to mention, that I was too lazy to include the trainer battles that I did in the gym prior to getting Water Gun. In the double battle using Sieg and Jazz, I would put one Geodude to sleep by using yawn, and while Jazz would spam tackle, I would make Sieg use Leer over and over again. Took a long time, but it worked out after awhile.
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