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Kita Okata
Sacred Fire

Kita laughed at the way Adeline acted around her partner. There was such an air of familiarity, it was playful and...rather strange. He'd never actually seen her smile (though he'd just met her), and he was sure that if she did, some Poochyena pup would die somewhere. However, when he saw her smile, it was comforting. It was the sort of confirmation he needed to his theory that the relationship between Sacred Fire and Divine Water was fiscal when it came to the actual members. They had nothing to do with the split, it was simply a spat between the heads of the family (and various others who were involved).

Then, all at once, that smile went away.

A small child, the same one had been in critical condition not much earlier, "attacked" Adeline (inadvertently or otherwise), her partner saved her from colliding with the ground (which was quite the sight, considering its size and her distance from the ground). "A-are you okay?" He said in a soft yet rattled voice, but rather than responding she got on her partner's back and took flight. He was both shaken and in awe by the affair; the entire event was abrupt and swift, yet at the same time it was truly a glorious sight seeing the princess in flight, and on a Zapdos, no less. Of course, what would happen when she reached the child would be not-so-glorious, and possibly illegal, but he put the thought in the back of his mind. Kita looked back to Yasha, who had a confused look on his face, and smiled. He had a lot more fun than he thought he would at this festival, and he gained quite a bit of closure as well. He turned back to his Yakisoba and finished it off. "Okay, buddy," He said, wiping his face. "It's getting late, I think it's time we head..." Yasha had fallen asleep on the table. In most cases, Kita would simply pick Yasha up and head home, but since he had a book, a pokemon, and a spear to take home, it wouldn't be quite that easy. He took out his book and started reading, deciding to wait for Yasha to wake up, hopefully before morning.
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