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    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post

    I couldn't find a picture of me alone, so I had to choose which one to post. I guess I went with this one :x this class was real small so only 3 students dressed up for Halloween here. Of course, I was HUGH HEFNER!

    The girl on the right was a school girl and the left I think was supposed to be a witch? Or some Princess..Don't exactly remember, but the teacher, who doesn't even ACT like a teacher & is the best one ever, was Wolverine from X-Men!

    This was nearly 3 years ago btw. I still wear this every once in a while when I get cold x)
    You guys look great lmao and the teacher looks cool. My teacher is booooring.

    Originally Posted by NintendoQueen View Post
    Lookin' good Sector, and you are so pretty Kyoko! :]

    Alright, today I was a bit of a "Fashionista" if you will, and took these pictures of me in my nice clothes [and some cute clothes I like]. Are you ready? There are about 18 of them, so bear with me!


    Does this make my butt look big? ;p

    Aaaand after trying all those on, I settled for oversized shirt with leggings. <3
    Wow Girl you leave me breathless with every pic u cute <3