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    Originally Posted by justink132 View Post
    hi ginji how r u? im interested in alot of your pokes. i have just received jap wifi events genesect meloetta keldeo and strong pikachu. i also have lots more if you hit up this link i have somewhat of a list let me know if i have anything you would want to trade for thanks.
    I'm only interested in your Shin Se Gea Manaphy lv50 that you have as NFT4E
    Originally Posted by Cleb617 View Post
    I'm interested in your Adament TRU Arcues. I probably don't have much to offer, but if you're interested I have a few shinies, 6-7 WISHMKR Jirachi's with different natures and an EV'd Glaceon? Please consider and thanks :p
    What are the stats of your ev'd glaceon?
    Originally Posted by xxashxx View Post
    How about my Dream World Rayquaza or Porygon XD?

    I have a ne White FC because I got a new DS XD. It is 0777 1176 4886. Thanks XD. I have yet to update all my FC's Have not had time. BTW yesterday I got the Galactic Charizard LVX tin XD. Got some pretty good cards besides that Charizard too XD.

    EDIT: I have registered your Saizo FC or whatever it is called. I will be on Wi-Fi as soon as I can but I might not be here. If I am not we can VC and do the trade that way XD. Thanks man.
    I already have korean dw rayquaza and US dw porygon...
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