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    Hikari Natsumi Densetsu

    Hikari listened as Icarus explained his job. 'R-really? Cool...' Hikari answered, suddenly she started thinking, as a princess she didn't do much for her family, she fights against the enemy's, with her ninja tricks ofcourse, she searches around the area for enemy activity... No, she didn't do much, and that's exactly the reason why Hikari didn't said a word about her job.

    Suddenly the girl, Kitsuko, talked to Hikari, at first it didn't seem to be a problem, Hikari was happy that girl felt comfortable around so many people, untill.... '(Oh my god, that kid talks faster than you can answer!)' Hinata laughed as she saw what happened. When the girl finally had stopped speaking, Hikari tried to answer, but there she went again, she talked full minutes without taking a pauze...

    'T-that men was my brother... He isn't m-mean at all...' Hikari answered when the girl had finally stopped talking. 'A-and i g-guess it's alright if you live at my home... Since you don't have a home... Hehe...' Hikari scratched her chin as she started sweating a little. 'B-but please be careful! My mother is a quiet person... So if you play, don't play around her room on the thirth floor...' Hikari warned the girl, now she thought about it... It was like she was adopting a girl.

    Hikari quickly pushed that thought away and turned back to Icarus. 'M-my apologies for her interuption! Please forgive her...' Hikari quickly said then turned back to the girl to explain what this festival was.

    'This is the full moon festival, once a month our families, Sacred Fire and Devine water, come together. At this festival the princess and princesses of the two families will speak about their families conditions.' Hikari explained to the girl. 'Like you might've already seen, all the princess and princesses have a legendary link, Sacred fire has legendary beasts, Devine water has legendary birds, but we're all family.' Hikari smiled at the little girl. 'And from now on...' Hikari bended down to the girl. 'You're part of our family.' Hikari smiled at her.

    Hinata looked at the little Eevee as he said hi, very shyly, even more shy than her! Which kind of relieved her, but she didn't dare to say anything else back...

    '(W-what's your name....?)' Hinata-Miu asked very awkwardly, she didn't knew anything to talk about, but to let a conversation die wasn't one of the things she liked. Hikari stood up and took another look at Icarus, so far she had seen now, he was pretty handsome, but again she pushed the thought away. 'So... I-i guess i'll be seeing you alot in the forests, huh...?' Hikari shyly asked, holding her hands behind her back and making little circles with her right feet.