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Somewhere! On Route 205...

Traveling at night was a bad plan. Jack and his Turtwig, who had been given the name "Vermont", got tired and had to stop after walking a ways. Jack lays on the ground, his backpack being used as a pillow, his large coat draped over himself and Vermont for warmth. They had slept through the night, but were in for a rude awakening.

As Jack begins to wake up, he hears a rustling nearby. Being slow to wake up, he doesn't pay much attention to it until his backpack/pillow begins sliding out from under his head. He jolts awake, sitting up and looking over his shoulder. A short orange duck creature is tugging at his pack, attempting to haul it away. "Wha?! Oh no you don't!" Jack tosses his overcoat at the creature, waking up Vermont as the duck quacks in panic. Alarmingly, a blue aura surrounds his coat, and it levitates off the duck thing and is tossed to the side. "Hey, that's my favorite coat!"

The duck holds it's head in it's hands, it's eyes glowing pure white. "Looks like we're gonna have to fight. Give it a strong Tackle!" Vermont nods, charging forward and slamming his shoulder into the duck's stomach. It quacks in pain, ejecting a quick blast of water from it's mouth. Vermont barely notices the Water Gun, stepping back in preparation for his next attack. "Bad move watering a plant! Espescially a tortoise plant! Absorb some nutrients from him!" Vermont's head leaves glow red, then fire twin beams of red energy at the duck. The duck staggers as it's strength is drained, rushing forward to swipe at Vermont with it's claws.

The duck trips, falling flat on it's face in front of Vermont. "Quick, Tackle it!" Vermont hops forward, slamming his hard head into the duck and tossing it back. The duck lands on it's back, flailing for a moment. It's eyes glow white again as Vermont is engulfed in a blue aura. His eyes glaze over as he stares into the distance. "Vermont, you alright? That thing's creeping me out, give it a Tackle, would you?" Vermont pauses, not quite understanding the order. He glances back in confusion. "Alright, so it's somehow preventing you from understanding that word. That aura must have disabled your memory of the technique. Well, we still have Absorb!" Vermont nods sharply, firing another pair of energy beams at the duck. It flails in pain as the beams strike it's chest, then falls limp as it lacks the strength to fight anymore.

Jack pumps his fist excitedly. "Yes! Score one for us, Vermont!" He grabs his coat and pack, picking up Vermont and walking down the path. "Let's get going. We've got the whole day ahead of us."


Jack whirls around at the familiar voice. "Hey, it's that guy! The aide from the Professor's!" Indeed, the familiar young man in the coat runs full speed down the path, breathing heavily. He skids to a stop in front of Jack, stopping to catch his breath. "So... Is this going to be a thing? Are you going to keep showing up like this?"

"No, shut up. I forgot something else. The Professor wanted you to have this." He hands Jack a red device and a small bag. "And these Pokeballs. That device is a Pokedex. Use it to gather information about Pokemon you've seen or caught. Use the balls to catch them."

"Oh. Like this?" Jack scans the orange duck as it feebly tries to rise. The screen displays a name, power level, and stamina meter. "It's a Psyduck. And it's too tired to fight back. I can use a ball now, right?"

"Actually, no. There are rules preventing you from capturing a Pokemon that can't fight back. I forget why, but apparently the Pokemon losr respect for themselves and their capturers. It needs to be strong enough to fight if you want to catch it."

Jack frowns at this, but shrugs and accepts the aide's logic. "Alright then." He looks the aide in the eyes, causing the aide to fidget under his stare.

"What? Why are you staring at me?"

"Just making sure there's nothing else you forgot. I got my ticket, my balls, and my Pokedex. Anything else you forgot?"

The aide glares, crossing his arms in a huff. "No! Now get going! You have what you need!" The aide storms off, muttering darkly under his breath. Jack shrugs and heads off again, toward the forest.

Jack keeps his eyes open for more Pokemon, but the roads seem decidedly clear of them. The entrance to the forest comes into view soon. "Well, here we go, Vermont. Eterna Forest is just up ahead. Looks like all we got out of this route was a Psyduck." As if to prove him wrong, the thindering of hoofbeats is heard as an orangeish-white pony leaps out of the grass.

It skids to a stop, starlted to see Jack and Vermont. Jack quickly whips out the Pokedex, scanning the little horse. "A Ponyta! Looks like we're in for a challenge, Vermont!" He puts the Turtwig down, pointing dramatically at the pony. "I hope you brought your dancing shoes, little girl, because we're ready to rumble! Start off with Sand Tomb!"

Vermont's eyes glow blue as a small tornado of sand whips around the Ponyta's hooves. She looks down in confusion, then leaps free of the tornado. A small pile of sand is left as the tornado fades. "She dodged it! Watch out for her counter-!" Ponyta lands on the ground, charging forward and trampling Vermont underhoof. "...attack... Use Sand Tomb again!"

Vermont hops back on his feet, his eyes glowing again. Ponyta's not quick enough this time, getting her legs buried in the sand. She winces, nickering in displeasure. A ball of fire forms in her mouth, which she spits at Vermont, knocking him onto his back. "Whoa! Are you okay?" Vermont flips back onto his feet as the wind picks up, the sand around Ponyta's legs churning and making her neigh in pain and annoyance. "You look great! Use Absorb to get some energy back!" Ponyta charges forward, the sand following her. She tramples Vermont again, but gets hit in the stomach by Vermont's Absorb beams. She staggers from the critical blow, wincing as the sand swirls around her again.

"Okay, good! Now use Tackle!" Vermont turns to face Ponyta, seeing her charging at him already. He leaps, and the two collide in mid-air. Ponyta staggers back as Vermont falls to the ground. Ponyta drops to her knees as the sand swirls around her, while Vermont struggles to his feet. "Leave this to me! Pokeball GO!" Jack tosses a Pokeball at Ponyta, absorbing her into energy. "I've always wanted to say that!" He laughs happily as the ball shakes.