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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
even more cute?

uh hell no, sadtwig is cute enough.

Though um I do think they could improve some aspects of it don't get me wrong but they're really eluding me rn.


thank god. though you never added me to the memberlist :c so i'm fine with it either way lol
Sadtwig? Well, better get ready for the Positwig invasion, then

Turtwig do look weird in profile, though.

Originally Posted by Oshawott01 View Post
Do you think there's something that you can do to your favourite Pokemon to make it even more cute? That would be very hard, I can't think of how to make Oshawott cuter, maybe change its mouth so when it is feeling So-so it doesn't look sad.
Teehee~ I think the frown is actually what makes it adorable, and when it smiles, well, everything goes~