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    After a short wait and plenty of loud noise, Alice was fully equipped with a new set of armor, and the technician responsible felt pretty good for himself. He hadn't had much experience with quadrupeds, but the Absol was easy to work with, too.

    Alice herself was quickly accustomed to the pieces, partly from her Knighthood, and partly from the fact that each was made specifically for her. This was entirely in contrast to the Knights, where armor seemed practically mass-produced for general Pokémon sizes. The Pokémon added their own little touch, but it was rarely more than the placement of the Knights' logo. She was testing each part out, and they were almost entirely perfect for her. Flexible joints conformed to her legs regardless of how she moved them, and the breastplate didn't interfere with her own motion. Blasphemers make pretty impressive smithies, to say the least. What startled her ended up being the inconspicuous slot for pellets, and it was already loaded.

    "Be careful. I set it up so that if you bent one of your front legs far enough -- namely to protect yourself, it'll fire off a capsule full of sleep spores." The Gallade caught himself after a short pause. "I guess I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Ken." No sooner was at least a one-way introduction made that an alarm sounded yet again, calling for all of the soldiers. "I believe that's us."

    Us? This really caught her off-guard. She's not only a commander of the Knights, but now she's being considered one of the Declarum's soldiers, too? Anyways, if it'll help her to understand how to work their machines to the Knights' benefit, she didn't care anymore. With all the intrigue, she was willing to be branded a traitor just to get some good intel that no one else could; and the capture of Caedmon furthered her resolve in sticking around.

    "Follow me," Ken continued. "Go ahead and leave the armor behind; with something as big as what's happened already, Damon probably won't want to push his luck and leave again."

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