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    Hey, I just finished 8th gym and I'm having huge trouble in whether to drop some Pokemon or train others from my pc. (I already dropped Simisear even though he served me well as my 2nd Pokemon, feel kinda bad)

    Samurott lvl 47
    Ability: forgot
    -Razor Shell

    Excadrill lvl 44
    Ability: sand rush
    -Rock slide
    -Sword Dance

    Scrafty lvl 48
    Ability: Shed skin
    -Hi jump kick
    -Brick Break

    Archeops lvl 45
    Ability: defeatist

    Fraxure lvl 42
    Ability: Mold breaker
    -Dragon Dance
    -Dragon pulse
    -Aerial Ace

    Darmanitan lvl 45
    Ability: Sheer force
    -Hammer arm
    -Flare blitz
    -Fire punch

    In my pc I have a Bouffalant and a Tynamo. If it wasn't for Fly, Archeops would've been out ages ago as I don't see him as powerful as people say he is.

    What should I do?