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    Originally Posted by Jiggly_Jello View Post
    I personally can't stand Liepard. I kept him around because he was a minority Pokemon for quite some time. I ditched it when Simisage learned Bite. It has been good enough for me thus far. I've had a much easier time having Simisage around and besides, I've always been partial to the monkeys...possibly because of the flying purple ones living in my head!
    AND THEN...

    Seriously, you're going to have the day where Simisage is ditched in the PC for eternity. Many stronger Grass types exist, and not much overall is weaker than the Monkeys. I forgot about the Route 8 battle with Bianca, but got the right one out against Cheren on Route 10 and it got crushed. I tried it out against some Audinos and slammed it back in the box before I was done because I wasn't impressed with its attacking power. Maybe they just were given poor attack pools and would be better if they got something powerful in there, but as designed, they are weak.

    I'll figure out some powerful TMs they can learn once I get them over Lv.55, as I'm currently training them (up to Lv.53; it's easy when all but a couple of Audinos use Heal Pulse every other turn) and can try them out in battles with their more powerful moves, and they might deserve a second chance to see if they can earn their victories.

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