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Originally Posted by Psiiionic View Post
Congrats on Virizion Zac, I checked your pokes but none of them have at least 3 IV 31's to use for breeding, I am currently not giving them away either, when you start to RNG eggs let me know and I will be happy to trade you them. PS Everyone likes that Ferroseed for some reason lol.
Yeah, it's quite the Ferroseed. I just don't have a flawless Ditto to breed for RNG. From what I've read, I believe that's what you need...?

Originally Posted by chaoticlapras View Post
You mentioned at one point you have all the grass starters. Can you breed me a Snivy for one of the Munnas? If you want the other two, a Throh or a Rufflet would be nice. If not, mention.
I'll VM you. I'll do the Snivy and Rufflet.
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