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    Right, let's get on with it.

    The PokeBall noisily rocked from side to side, Chaos staring in anticipation. Finally, the PokeBall let out a final click, catching the Oddish. Chaos pressed a button on the PokeBall, making Oddish come out. It stared at her blankly.
    "Oh great, another stupid pokemon. I'll call you Odd." The Oddish smiled, then tripped over. Chaos looked down, seeing her Bulbasaur at her feet. The plant-like pokemon looked at her, glaring.
    "Bulbasaur learned Glare." the Pokedex piped up.
    "Oh, do you want a nickname too?" asked Chaos, mockingly "OK, you're called Bulby." Bulbasaur pulled out two vines from it's body, and wrapped Chaos up in them.
    "Bulbasaur learned wrap." said the Pokedex. Annoyed at being forgotten, Oddish used Absorb on Bulbasaur, causing the vines around Chaos to turn brown and fall off.

    Back in Pallet Town, an angry Fearow was attacking a wild Pidgey. Fearow hit Pidgey with it's wing, causing the weaker bird to fall limp to the ground. Then, a young boy named Joey ran out of his house, seeing the Fearow. He had his own pokemon, but was "borrowing" his Dad's Hypno. Joey threw Hypno's pokeball, revealing the sleepy pokemon. Hypno swung it's watch at the Fearow, causing it to fall asleep. Joey returned the Hypno, running inside nd placing the PokeBall back. He quickly went back out, lobbing a PokeBall at the Fearow. Joey caught it instantly. The young boy sent out his new pokemon, and his Rattata.

    Over in Route One, Chaos was studying the S.S. Libra Ticket. It seemed like it would stop in Pallet Town, convieniently near. She decided that she would have nothing to lose by going on it, and walked back to Pallet Town. Upon arrival, she saw a Pidgey lying limply on the floor. Chaos kneeled down, and sucked the poor creature into a PokeBall. Suddenly, ther was a boy in shorts in front of her, a Rattata on his shoulder and a Fearow behind him.
    "I challenge you to a Pokemon Battle!" yelled Joey. It was decided that it would be a 2 on 2 Double Battle, so Chaos sent out her new Pidgey, and Bulby, her Bulbasaur.
    "I name you Pidge!" shouted Chaos, as she sent out her Pidgey. The bird looked impressed by this, and whipped up some gusts of wind to prove it. Joey's Fearow and Rattata emerged from next to him, taking their places on the grass. The Rattata was first to move, biting Pidge on the head. Bulby glared at the Rattata, causing it to fall off, being wrapped up by Bulby's vines. Fearow launched a gust of wind at Pidge, causing the weaker pokemon to start floating away. Suddenly, Pidge made the gust direct itself at Fearow, becoming a whirlwind.
    "Pidgey learned whirlwind." piped up the pokedex, as Fearow smashed into the ground, unable to battle. Rattata was squirming in it's bonds, while Bulby just stood there. Pidge launched itself at the Rattata, making the rodent fall limp, and Joey cry in defeat.
    "Your Pokemon are really good," said Joey "Here, have this potion, it will make your pokemon feel better if they need it." Then he ran off.

    Chaos waited for a while, then saw the crowds coming in for the Libra. She stood by the water, straining her neck looking for the boat. Chaos finally stopped looking, just as the boat arrived from the other direction. The doors opened, and Chaos walked in.

    OMG, that took a whole hour.
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