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    @zapdos926 Great post! Can't wait for the next one!

    @The Red Eagle Excellent post!

    Nidoran (male) was caught!
    Ability: Poison Point
    -Poison Sting
    -Double Kick

    @heretostay I was surprised by the fact that you chose to not catch any Pokemon! Excellent post by the way!

    @-Sam You just made Teddiursa more adorable :3

    @Godzil Awesome post!

    Ponyta was caught!
    Ability: Run Away

    @chaoticlapras That was a great post!

    An overpowered Pidgey capable of defeating a Fearow was caught!
    Ability:Tangled Feet
    -Whirlwind (recently learned)

    BTW here's my post

    Ginny Dustellar

    Ginny and Epsilon spent quite a handful of time before getting lost in New Route 7. Ginny was lost among all the Palpitoad surrounding a small lake, when a person in a lab coat arrived.

    "Exuse me," the man said, constantly trying to get some air, as if he had just run all the way from Nuvema, "Are you Ginny Dustellar?"

    "Yes,sir." Ginny immediately replied.

    "Good, Professor Juniper said she wanted you to have this." The aide gave Ginny a small bag and what seemed to be a weird phone-like device.

    "What's all of this?" Ginny asked with genuine curiosity.

    "Inside the bag there ar ten Pokeballs, and that's the Pokedex, use it to keep track on all Pokemon you meet... Well, I guess I should keep going, good afternoon."

    The air left while GInny examined the contents of the bag, several small capsules that would help her make new friends, a thing that made Ginny extremely excited.

    Ginny saw another thing inside the bag; a small blue and white ticket that said that it was for the S.S. Libra II, and it said it would dock in Nimbasa City.

    "Nimbasa's north from here!" Ginny yelled with a strange mix of fright and excitement, "Let's go Epsilon!"

    As they both began dashing, a Pokeball fell from the small bag, but they didn't notice. A small pink Pokemon approached the small capsule and held it with both hands. The small Pokemon slowly began walking trying to reach the duo that had just left.