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    Malik was close. He could feel it. "We're almost there buddy." he said to his brand new pokemon, Fin. He looked around. He was still in the cursed grass. It stretched for miles in every direction. He still couldn't see too far. It really hadn't been that peaceful while they had walked. Pidgey after Pidgey, Weedle after Weedle, the wild pokemon haven't left them alone.

    Though they hadn't injured Fin, they had tired him out, and he was just trudging along. Malik was just as tired, maybe even more tired from all his stumbling around in the woods. The two were each eating two apples and drank two water bottles, feeling like things were starting to look up when they heard the sound of a large ship not too far off.

    "You here that?" Malik said excitedly. He hadn't heard anything from a human civilation since he had met Proffesor Elm! He thought to himself, I hope I'm not the only one from Johto left. There has to be other survivors. He was hopeful that maybe someone could tell him how many people made it. Malik suddenly remembered something: the envelope the proffesor gave him. Maybe it has a clue for whats there! He hadn't thought about it since he recieved it.

    He reached into his backpack, and began to search for it in the mess he had in there. Between the apples, water, pokedex, pokeballs, and random stuff he kept in there like cool looking pieces of wood or rocks that he finds. He finally found it beneath an apple. He pulled it out and looked it over. It seems like a ticket of some form. He thought to himself. A ticket! That means transportation! He finally concluded. He looked at Fin and grinned. "We have a way out of here buddy!" the Totodile started doing what Malik called his 'Victory, defeat, happy, or sad' dance. He did it all the time, where he would leap from foot to foot very quickly.

    Malik leapt up, spun around, and came face to face with a Weedle. He jumped back and made a slightly girlish scream. "Fin, use chip away!" he screamed in terror. The pokemon leapt into action and back handed the worm in the face. It flew back, and got up again quickly.

    "Weedle!" it roared in anger, which in all honesty wasn't very threatening. It used poison sting on Fin, who recoiled from taking his first attack. He started to do his dance, and raged. "TOTO TOTO" saying the phrase over and over again. \

    "Use water gun!" The Totodile spurt water at the Weedle, knocking it back a good distance. This Weedle would be useful in the future, he realized. He scanned it with his pokedex. It was almost to weak to capture. I'll just have to get over my fear. He sighed, it was time. "Go pokeball!" he threw one of his extra pokeballs at the slumped bug.

    It disappeared with a red flash into the ball. It started to shake while Malik stared at it. It's pretty tough, it got an attack off at Fin. Nothing has done that so far. It has to be mine. It finally dinged, and Malik walked over and picked it up. He threw it down, and the Weedle just looked at him. "Wee?" It was actually...kinda cute, Malik decided.

    "Your new name is Venom. How does that sound?" the Weedle nodded in excitement. Malik reached down to pet it, but flinched. No. Do it. You can't be afraid forever! He continued and stroked the Weedle's head, and it rubbed against it. "Well Fin, you have a brand new friend." he sighed. Venom crawled up on Malik's shoulder, and he shivered. This will take some getting used to. He thought. He started off in the direction Proffesor Elm pointed, and set off with his two pokemon.