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    Title: Roots // Professorfic
    Link to fic:
    Summary: At the age of thirteen, Michael Rowan leaves home to find himself and his place in the world. Eventually, he gets pulled into challenging the Pokemon League, but his path is ridden with twists and turns, and he soon realizes that in order to embrace the future he must first come to terms with the past. Meanwhile, the rest of Sinnoh keeps watch on Team Galactic, an entity with ever-growing influence, whose space program and rivalry with Hoenn could at any moment make the headline of the decade.

    The 1960s pass in a whirlwind of change. Change in society, change in technologyand for Michael, change in himself.

    Genre: Canon-Based Character (mainly this), Adventure
    Degree of Completion: In Progress
    One-shot or Chaptered Fic: Chaptered