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Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
What bout Sticking with the Poké[NAME] theme?
  • PokéBoy (refering GameBoy's?)
  • PokéBuddy (Every Trainer's Helping buddy)
  • PokéAurora? (sticking with your Aurora?)
These are actually quite good. I don't want to do PokéBuddy because it's a bit too far for my liking. :D

PokéBoy sounds good but it could end up seeming out of place if I decide to change the game to a different style. (e.g. from Emerald tilesets to HG/SS tilesets)

PokéAurora is good though. that could work. I might make it something else shorter like PokéAura or something similar.

As for the tiles, do you think I should go double screen and do HG/SS or D/P style? I think if I went with one of these, I would have a bigger choice of tiles and features.

Originally Posted by TheMrQuit View Post
I would like to help you giving some advices, even if i'm only a new user here. You asked why people are not interested in your project and i think it's because you have just uploaded yours. Also you should really think about a storyline and something that makes your game different and unique, because there are a ton of fangames (all in development, just one or two completed) about pokemon, so unless you have a good idea AND your game is far enough in development, you won't get much interest. I mean, look at the first games in the showcase: either they are completed or they looks graphically stunning or have unique concepts.

But don't give up! This can be a good way for you to start and you'll get better and better. "Practise makes perfect." They say.

So, good luck with your game!
Thanks for the support. I would just like to say that the reason it isn't graphically stunning or detailed is because I need people to help me. I'm sure Nintendo didn't hire one guy to sit at a desk and develop Black and White. So all i'm asking is for a few people who can maybe help me get this a little further. If you know anyone who can help, please tell them about this. Thanks.

UPDATE: I'm changing to HGSS style so I will reupload the screenshots in the new style soon. I will also redraw the map or get NikNaks to do it in a HGSS style.
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