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Somewhere! Just outside Eterna Forest...

The ball clicks shut and stops shaking, causing Vermont to sigh in relief and Jack to grin triumphantly. "Yes! We did it!" He returns Vermont to his ball, since he would be too tired to fight much more. His new Ponyta is in slightly better condition, so he prepares to send her out if any trouble arises. "After all, she's quite the little firecracker. Ooh... I like that. I'll call her Firecracker!"

Jack presses on, entering the forest. He'd been here once or twice before in his life, but he's forgotten how dark it was. "Hey, who turned out the lights? Oh well. Luckily I've got a firey little pony! Come on out, Firecracker! Shed some light on this situation!" He sends out Ponyta, her flames lighting up the forest and sending dozens of little bugs scattering in fear. A lone Caterpie stands n the trail, refusing to move. It rises up threateningly, waving it's stubby front limbs. Firecracker spits an Ember at it, blowing it away. This startles Jack, but her pats her shoulder lovingly as they press on. "I made a good choice sending you out!"

After 10 minutes of wandering, three more Caterpies and a Weedle meet the same fate, with Firecracker easily clearing the path. Jack is starting to get frustrated, and is now talking to the trees. "Oh, hello, strange curvy branch! Have we met before? We have? Perfect! We're going in circles!" He leans against Firecracker, sighing. "Let's face it: We're lost."

Suddenly, they hear rustling from up ahead. As they prepare for whatever may appear, they see it's a human! The man pushes his way through the long grass, startled to see them. "I thought I saw some light over here! Maybe you could help me? I'm trying to find the way out, but got a little lost." The man is roughly Jack's height and age, wearing black boots, grey cargo pants and a vest, and a red mining helmet.

Jack eyes the man, before shrugging in apology. "Sorry. We're a bit lost ourselves. I've gotten myself horribly turned around somehow. But on the bright side, at least neither of us is lost on their own anymore!"

The man just chuckles at that, offering his hand. "I'm Roark, from Oreburgh. I came into these woods looking for some new Pokemon. But all I've seen so far are Bugs. I guess Rock Pokemon don't like forests very much. But I'm not as lost as you are. I know how to get back out the way I came, I just don't know how to get to the other side."

Jack shakes Roark's hand. "I'm Jack, from Eterna. And sorry I can't help you out, but maybe you can help me get to your side? I mean, out of the forest on the wrong side's better than lost on the inside, right?"

Roark thinks it over, nodding. "Yeah, I guess you're right. I'll lead you to the exit, so you can go on your way. This forest has nothing for me anyway." He turns back, leading Jack back toward the forest entrance. Along the way, Firecracker takes out two more Caterpie and a Spinarak, effortlessly beating them with her Ember attack.

Soon, the forest exit comes into view, which Roark stop to point out. "There it is. Floaroma Town's just down the road from here. Come on, let's go." Suddenly, a loud cry from behind them gets their attention. They hadn't realized, but they had been followed for a while by a wild Pinsir. It roars at them again, staring at Firecracker in anger. A small Caterpie scoots up beside it, letting out a soft shriek of it's own.

Jack sends Firecracker forward, when Roark surprises him by sending out a Pokemon of his own. "Go, Aerodactyl!" A large winged beast appears, roaring back at the two Bugs.

Jack looks at the Rock type in surprise. "You had a dinosaur with you the whole time, but let my pony do all the work?" Firecracker spits an Ember, knocking out Caterpie. Aerodactyl flies up into the sky, out of harm's way. Jack now looks annoyed at Roark.

Roark laughs nervously. "Well, I just reanimated him from a fossil a couple days ago. I wasn't sure how he'd react to battle, and your pony seemed to be doing just fine." Pinsir charges, grabbing Firecracker in his claws and lifting her over his head, then tossing her back onto the ground. The force of the Seismic Toss knocks her out, and Jack returns her to her ball. "Sorry, 'Cracker. Looks like Vermont will have to finish this!" He sends out his Turtwig, who still looks hurt.

Roark suddenly looks up, listening. "Maybe not! Look!" As he points, Aerodactyl bursts through the canopy, divebombing Pinsir and knocking it through a tree. "Aerodactyl only knows Fly. He just needed to fly up and build up momentum."

Jack interrupts Roark. "Wait wait wait. You have a flying dinosaur that can cut through the trees? Why didn't you tell me about this sooner? Aerodactyl can fly us out of here!"

Roark is stunned by this information. "I... honestly didn't even think of that. I'm sorry. But! It's totally an option now! Where do you need to be?"

"I need to go to Sandgem Town! Can your dino take us there?"

"Sure! Hop on, we'll be there within the hour!" Roark hops onto Aerodactyl's back, with Jack returning Vermont to his ball and following. The large winged beast leaps into the air, flying away from the forest and towards the beach.

After landing in Sandgem, Jack takes his Pokemon to the Center to get healed. With that taken care of, he rushes to the docks to meet the boat. When he sees it's not there, he checks the schedule, learning that it will arrive in about 10 minutes. He stands on the dock to wait for the boat.

Roark wanders over, looking out at the ocean. "... I've never liked the ocean much, myself. I'm more of a mountain guy. I guess that's because I grew up in a mining town, in the shadow of the mountain. The ocean looks nice, though..."

The two stand in silence for a minute, when Jack gets an idea. "Say, Roark? You said your Aerodactyl never fought before, but Firecracker seemed really good at it, yeah? How about we pit them against each other, see which one would win?"

Roark grins at the idea. "It'd be my honor to fight you. Come on out, Boulder!" He sends out his Aerodactyl, who seems much more confident now.

"Boulder, huh? I like it. It's got a ring to it. You're up, Fire!" Jack sends out Ponyta, who is back to full strength. "Start off with Ember! I know you love doing that." She spits a fireball at Boulder, who tanks the hit wothout flinching. "Use Fly, Aero- uh, Boulder!" Boulder leaps into the sky, vanishing behind a cloud.

"Cracker, use Agility!" Firecracker's eyes glow white as she glows blue momentarily, a glow surrounding her hooves. Just then, Boulder dives out of the sky, but Firecracker dodges just in time. "Now use Stomp!" The Ponyta jumps forward, slamming her front hooves down on Aerodactyl's head. He cries out in anger, slinking back and jumping back into the air.

Before the fight can continue, a foghorn sounds as thee S.S. Libra II slides into port. Jack looks back at the ship, returning Firecracker to her ball. "That's my ride. Sorry about not finishing our fight. Rain check?"

Roark gives a small salute, grinning as Boulder lands beside him. "I'll hold you to that. We'll finish the fight some other day." Jack grabs his pack and heads onto the ship, waving goodbye to his new friend as he does.