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    Originally Posted by heretostay123 View Post
    Should I just make up a description of Cherrygrove, or is there already a description of it?

    Better question, should I go ahead and board the Libra?
    Cherrygrove is almost the same as the games, just add a dock, you can describe it if you want to, not only your post will be longer, it will also be more interesting :3

    Originally Posted by ytfeL View Post
    I'm assuming that once you decide to board the libra you will be done until the next chapter, so only board if you have done everything you wanted to do.

    As a side note, I am almost done with my post and if anyone is still around near pallet town or route 1 and wants to battle/chat let me know. :]
    This assumption is RIGHT, you may board the ship, ONLY if you already finished catching Pokemon 'n stuff, because once you board, you won't be able to post until the next chapter.

    As a matter of fact, once aboard the ship, you may interact with anyone of ALL the Role-Players, be it a fight, a trade, or just some chi-chat.

    But that's ONLY during the next chapter.

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