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*Required Section*
Preferred In-Game Name: Ruby
Trainer Type: Ace Trainer
Pokémon #1: Pikachu
Volt Tackle
Iron Tail
Pokémon #2: Sceptile
Leaf Blade
Leaf Storm
Drain Punch
Pokémon #3: Infernape
Close Combat
Flare Blitz
Fire Blast
Pokémon #4: Ursaring
Giga Impact
Hammer Arm
Pokemon #5: Lucario
Aura Sphere
Focus Blast
Focus Punch
Dragon Pulse
Pokémon #6: Staraptor
Brave Bird
Aerial Ace

Edit: Didn't notice the no 5th gen, my apologies.

*Optional Section*
Overworld Speech: You're my next opponent? Cool, let's have a blast!
Battle End Victory Speech: Better luck next time - Catch ya later
Battle End Loss Speech: Wow, you've got serious skills!
Custom Graphic:

(I mean what can I say? I resemble him in rl so why not be him in a game?)
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