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    @heretostay Great post!

    Weedle was caught!

    Ability: Poison Point
    -Poison Sting
    -String Shot

    @Godzil Another awesome post! Too bad Jack has to deal with a lot of clueless people

    @The Red Eagle :O
    You're going to interact with Chaos Ariek!
    Now, that will be very interesting...

    Now, moving on to my post:

    Ginny Dustellar

    Ginny and Epsilon were close, they knew it. How close they were remained unknown, however.

    "Wait!" Ginny said while she suddenly stop, "There it is!" she said, pointing with her right hand at a bunch of buildings that she somehow didn't saw before, she was just about to reach Nimbasa City.

    In the moment she was about to resume her walk, an angry Zebra tackled Epsilon with no reason at all, sending him flying towards a small tree.

    "Hey!" Ginny yelled at the Pokemon, "Epsilon, use..."

    Before she could finish this sentence, a pick Pokemon tackled the zebra, knocking it away, the wild Pokemon quickly engaged in a Tackle-Palooza.

    "Wait, the Pokedex!" Ginny said, quickly retrieving the device from her right pocket.

    "BEEP-BEEP-BEEP" The device rung while it found the data for the Pokemon.

    Audino, the Hearing Pokemon
    Its auditory sense is astounding.
    It has a radar-like ability to understand its surrounding through slight sounds.

    "BEEP-BEEP-BEEP" The device rung once again before displaying another entry.

    Blitzle, the Electrified Pokemon
    Its mane shines when it discharges electricity.
    They use their flashing manes to communicate with one another.

    Ginny took attention to the Pokemon. The Audion wasn't angry, it is just fighting for fun. The Blitzle, in the other hand, is so angry and will not stop until he has defeated Audino.

    Audino joyfully threw the Pokeball she was holding since it fell from Ginny's bag where the Pokeballs and the Libra Ticket were.

    "Wait a..." Ginny said as she checked the small bag where she had her Pokeballs, "They're only nine... That's my Pokeball!"
    In the moment she realized this, Blitzle had already been sealed in the capsule which Audion somehow managed to enlarge, since Ginny's Pokeballs were all shrinked when she recieved them.

    The Pokeballs was rocking from one side to another as the Audino clapped with joy, the Pokemon then headed towards Ginny and pointed towards the bag with the Pokeballs.

    "You want another one, don't you?"

    "Audi Audino!"

    "Fine, here you go..." Ginny handed another Pokeball to Audino, which she quickly enlarged like the provious. What a smart Pokemon, Ginny thought.

    Audino pressed the Pokeball against her forehead, sealing herself inside of the capsule, which quickly began rocking in unison with the one that was containing Blitzle.

    Both Pokeballs suddenly stopped rocking at the same time, and a click could be heard.

    It was amazing: Ginny had caught two Pokemon at the same time...