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    Salias Grey
    Pallet Town

    Eevee loped out of the door into the open air, chasing after some unseen scent playfully. Salias and Prof. Oak soon shouldered out of the doorway not far behind.

    "You know, you remind me a lot of my nephew...he had an Eevee just like yours."

    "Well not just like mine." Salias said with a smirk.

    "I guess you're right. Times are much different now then they were back then however. You are ready. Always remember where you came from, and how you got to where you are in the first place. I look forward to catching up with you in the future, who knows what you can accomplish with your pokemon by your side."

    Oak's smile was a familiar one that seemed to welcome even complete strangers. He was right. I am ready, and there is no better time then right now to get started. He couldn't help but think of his parents as he took his first few steps, alone this time. Where could they be? Are they even alive? Once the quakes and the storms and floods began it was hard to make sense of anything.

    But there was always hope, and was not the time to dwell on what may or may not be. The sounds of the small town began to fade around him as they were replaced with the sounds of the soft breeze and wild pokemon in the distance. Salias had passed through Route 1 a few times helping out his mother with packages from work, and even with the professor from time to time, but this was different. It was just him and Eevee. The thought of that both scared and excited Salias.

    "This is it, I am a pokemon trainer now." He reached into the front pocket of his hoodie and pulled out the shiny new pokedex, flicking it open.
    "We might as well get started with you, huh Eevee?" The pokemon looked over its shoulder with a grin as dexter recited the facts. "Says here that you can evolve into a whole bunch of pokemon. Looks like we both are in for some changes in our future."

    Eevee was returned to his pokeball and Salias headed out towards Route 1 just on the edge of the town. As he approached the pokemon center he couldn't help but notice another boy racing towards the building and finally catching up with his pikachu.

    He flicked open the pokedex and learned about pikachu, "Too bad this thing doesn't tell you about people..." he said under his breath. But it was different now. I am a trainer, just like him. I am going to meet a lot of new people and pokemon on this adventure and today is the day it all begins.

    With new found confidence, he took the road that headed into Route 1 and set out for the tall grass. The sights and sounds almost overwhelmed him, birds and bugs could be heard all around him, as if he was completely lost amongst their world. There were nidoran chasing each other through the thick grass, a caterpie resting on a nearby tree. The rush of reality hit him.

    "This is what I am meant for. It really is true when they say a trainer knows why they are a trainer in the first place."

    "And now it's time to prove it." he said as he crept, searching for a pokemon. Salias wandered around for what must have been a few hours, dusk was settling in and he only came across a few nidoran and caterpie, save for the lone oddish he nearly tripped over. The cloud of dust it left hanging in the air from the scare still made his face numb a bit, even though it had been over an hour. Salias sighed and sat beneath a tree, defeated. "Maybe I'm not cut out to be a trainer...maybe I should just give up and quit holding on to some silly childish hope of what might as a great trainer and dad..." "No. I can't forget about them. I won't. And they would never forget me."

    The professors words rang again in his head, "You are ready.", and he stood to his feet. Silent, he waited with his eyes closed, looking towards the faint stars that were dotting the sky, asking his father for guidance, and that's when he heard it. Or felt it rather, the sudden Fwipp noise right at his feet.

    Scared, he slowly opened his eyes and looked down at whatever it was. Looking back up at him was a little yellow face with pointy ears, it gaze almost freezing Salias in place where he stood. He slowly reached into his pocket for his pokedex and Eevee's pokeball, but before he could reach it the pokemon vanished with another, Fwipp. Confused, Salias shoved his hands in his pocket and turned around to head back, and there was the pokemon again, sitting, staring.

    Salias, now with his pokedex and pokeball in hand, met the stare with his own. He waited for it to make a move, to vanish again or even attack him, but it just sat there. He slowly slide his hand out of his pocket and tossed his pokeball in front of him, releasing Eevee. The wild pokemon remained motionless, but fixed its gaze on its new foe. "Eevee try and bite it!" he said in a whisper. Eevee lunged forward and teeth gnashed.


    Eevee looked all around but the pokemon was nowhere to be seen, until eevee darted up the tree after it trying to land another bite, and another.

    Fwipp, Fwipp, Fwipp.

    "Wait for him to make the move Eevee, you can't catch him! Try and predict his movements." Eevee went low to the ground and watched and waited, and almost mimicking Salias, closed its eyes and lept forward with its teeth bared.


    The wild pokemon lay limp on the earth. Salias looked on concerned and walked over to where the pokemon was fallen, but before he got close the pokemon teleported again, appearing at his feet, only this time the wild pokemon was on its hands and knees trying to hold itself up.

    Salias scooped up the pokemon in his arms and locked eyes with it again. He reached into his pocket and emerged with a pokeball in his hand. He pressed the button to open the ball and showed it to the pokemon, waiting to see what would happen. The soft red glow surrounded the wild pokemon and the ball closed, it bumping around steadily in his hand, it was almost warm to the touch. Salias' eyes were wide with anticipation as the ball rocked from side to side.
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