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    Originally Posted by Dartht33bagger View Post
    I've always wondered how people that have only played the newer games feel once they play the Gen I games. I started off with Gen I and have mostly played through that game, so it's near and dear to me.
    As do I, Darth. I'm not going to go all 'RAWR YOU'RE SO INFERIOR FER NAWT PLAYIN GEN1', but I do think you should play one of the original Pokemon games to see how far the games have progressed since then.

    Yellow is the only Gen1 game I've owned (although I have played through Blue), and it's also the first Pokemon game I've ever had. Loved it to pieces. The start is a bit of a pain, since you're forced to start with Pikachu and it has no chance of fighting against Brock's gym. Generally though, I think that Yellow, Red, Blue/Green are all equally amazing.
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