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    Well firstly, the name; Ironed Heart? Your heart has been ironed flat? Or is it made of iron? The name suggests the former, and it's a bit odd sounding. Concept is nice though.

    The region map looks interesting. Plenty to see and do it seems. Looks like it should be interesting to explore!

    The starting story is a nice change from the norm. The mother being the professor is a good twist. The thing with the Elite Four is also interesting, I don't think anyone else has attempted such a story twist so far, and it seems to be a rather good one!

    The Pokémon sprites are a little dull. There's a lack of brighter shades, so they don't pop out at all, and the outlines are a little dark which only makes the problem worse.

    Sprite problem aside though, I hope you're making good progress. Good luck with your project!
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