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Went to Mahogany town
Defeated the Red Garyados
Defeat Petrol and Ariana
Beat Pryce in the Mahogoney Gym
Traded Boojangle and evolved Him into Dusknoir
Defeated Risk again in the Radio Tower Basement.
Beat Photon Petrol Ariana and Archer and the rest of the Johto Team Rocket
Cleared the Ice Path and Reached Blackthorne City
I beat Clair of Blackthorne with one Pokemon and she calls me lazy and won't hand over the badge ...
But than I past the test she couldn't and her grandfather made her give me the badge securing Boojangles eternal obediance :D
Had to go Fight the Kimono Girls because Lyra wouldn't let me pass
Apparently I also had to face luigia
Caught it with the Master Ball to trade to another game
With Lyra gone I headed toward the Pokemon Leauge
Beat Risk in Victory Tunnel
Reached the Indigo Plateu
Next Update will be Elite 4 and Champion
My Pokemon:
Boojangles Male Lvl.77

Moveshadow Punch, Faint Attack, Shadow Ball, Rock Smash
Also can I use my H.M. Mules as Revive Mules for Elite Four?