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    Malik looked upon the glorious sky scrapers of Cherrygrove City. This place is freaking amazing! It's completely beautiful. He looked at Fin, who was right beside him, and Venom, who was perched on his shoulder. "Well guys, let's find a spot to relax, and wait for that transport." the pair of pokemon looked extremely happy about actually getting to rest. Venom may have been a new member to the team, but he was only a couple hours after Fin.

    They began to wander around the streets of what Cherrygrove had become. Rebuilt building towering overhead, the honk of busy people's cars, and the laughter of children playing around. It reminded Malik of home. He walked into the town's park and saw a statue of an older looking man with flashy shoes on. He walked up to the pedestal at the base and read the plaquard. Here lies the Guide Gent, a hero of the people. He led hundreds of people to safety and died saving a little girl from the clutches of the dragon Palkia. He had heard about the lively old man and sighed. That reminded him of home too.

    He walked to the Pokemon Center, the first he had seen since he fled. He walked in and felt the cool, refreshing air conditioning and looked around. He saw a large lobby with a desk at the rear end with a nurse standing behind it, a couple doors to either side of the desk, and a row of pc's backed against the wall. He even saw a small arena in the very corner of the room.

    He walked up to the nurse. "Excuse me ma'am, could you heal my pokemon?" Fin and Venom were exhausted and weak. They needed it.

    The nurse replied, "Of course. Return them to their pokeballs and give them to me." once he complied, she placed them in holes in the shape of pokeballs. Lights started to flash beneath them. Seconds later, she handed them back.

    "Thanks miss." he said appreciatively. He put them in his belt holster. He walked out, and began to walk to the dock. Malik found a comfortable looking spot on the dock, layed his sleeping bag down, layed down in it, and decided to go to sleep.